In today’s increasingly fragmented yet hyper-connected society, consumer behaviour can no longer be predicted, and yet all voices still need to be heard.

As retailers attempt to be more relevant to their target audiences, and cater to their unique needs, retailers are adapting their service offers and store experience strategies to engage with prosumers.

By encouraging consumers to become the active producers of their own products, opening up the supply chain, brands have the opportunity to still have major impact within their desired audiences, whilst lessening the risk factor.

According to, “brand conversations with the ‘me-economy’ are the big opportunity.”

Join Retail Doctor Group and the National Retail Association on Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 13:00 EST in their next FREE Digital Business Kit interactive webinar to reflect on the power of personalising your retail offer.

This webinar is built by retailers for retailers, so submit your own questions or real life scenarios when you register to be discussed LIVE in the webinar!

In this webinar we will also explore a case study on how McDonald’s is raising the bar from the traditional no-frills fast-food model. In an effort to improve and enhance customer service, burgers can now be customised via a digital kiosk.

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