Food Safety Course for Covidsafe Workplaces 1

With the National Cabinet announcing its COVIDSafe economy framework, many retailers and hospitality outlets are preparing to reopen. However, new rules are in place to prevent COVID-19 cases rising again. This includes maintaining a social distancing approach instore, limiting the number of diners at one time and stringent cleaning practices.

To help those in retail, hospitality and fuel the NRA is developing a Food Safety Course for a COVIDSafe workplace. As part of the course, participants will receive:

  • Retail Touchpoint Awareness plan
  • Employee COVID19 release form
  • Sanitizing Best Practice Guidelines
  • Staff Induction guidelines in a COVID19 world
  • Food Safety Certificate

The content in this course is designed for managers and supervisors. The content includes:

  • Social Distancing understanding for employers and staff who complete the credential
  • Understanding of and authorization of, employee releases required
  • Guidelines for performing Staff Induction in COVID-19 world
  • Cleaning premises and equipment during COVID-19
  • Nationally recognized Food Safety Certification for any business handling food

The Food Safety Course is still in development, but we are taking expressions of interest. Those who pass on their details will be the first to know when the course is ready to take applications. If you are interested, please fill out the form below.

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