Hygimed Retail Custom Sanitisation Stands Flight Centre 4

The pandemic crisis has led to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. Our retail customers have their work cut out for them to increase shopper dwell time, maintain loyalty and increase consumer confidence in a more visible – and permanent way.

Five months after COVID-19 hit Australia, businesses are realising that a permanently integrated hygiene service solution is essential to bring peace of mind to their customers’ shopping experience.

This year has been incredibly unpredictable for the tourism sector. Many retail organisations in the industry are re-examining their strategies to ensure they can continue to be of service to Australians beyond the pandemic. As local travel and experiences resume, HygiMed is focused on helping build brand loyalty and engaging our client’s customers in new ways.

For retailers who are confidently positioned and focussed on recovery, understanding the importance of making hygiene a highly visible aspect of their COVID-Safe retail experience, is vital for improving consumer confidence.

HygiMed recently rolled out custom Sanitisation Stations into Flight Centre retail stores across the country, including their Head Office in Brisbane. With the stand featuring both hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes, retail customers can feel confident about safely spending time in-store.

The HygiMed Sanitisation Stand offers the convenience of a reliable supply of cost effective refills for the stand.

In collaboration with our client, we also facilitated the customisation of a solid, high quality stand that aligns with the Flight Centre brand. The custom stands feature Flight Centre’s corporate colours and logo – resulting in a strong hygiene solution for the Australian company.

Karyn Aldridge, National Safety Manager from Flight Centre says, “The custom stands feel like an extension of Flight Centre’s retail interior, providing an obvious destination for the hygiene products for our customers. The system offers great value for money, is lockable, easy to maintain, and provides long-term hygiene benefits to customers.” 

Adding to our customer’s convenience, the Sanitisation Stands and refills are available on HygiMed’s online ordering portal – making ordering the refills, tracking orders and viewing stock levels super simple for each retail outlet. Our HygiMed team also takes care of the transport and logistics on all refill orders through the portal.

Jarrod Coulin from HygiMed explains, “With online ordering, each Flight Centre store can easily manage their consumption and ensure sufficient inventory on-hand – not just for use in the stand. Extra bottles of sanitiser can be placed at each travel agents desk for use by staff and customers after each interaction – and the wipes can be used to disinfect surfaces throughout the store. It’s a win-win.”

HygiMed is committed to ensuring our clients access high quality hygiene products to keep our communities safe. Whether we like it or not, hygiene practices are the “new normal” and forecasted to be part of our lives for at least the next 12-18 months.

As travel begins to open up across the country, we predict the Flight Centre brand will be recognised as proactively protecting their staff and customers in a visible way that makes sense for their brand.

To learn more about HygiMed and the retail sanitisation stands visit https://www.hygimed.com.au/retail