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In partnership with the National Retail Association, Retail Doctor Group has created a 7-episode podcast series to boost your business fitness!

What’s it all about?

Developed specifically for NRA members, the ‘Fit for Business’ podcast series works directly with those issues you face every day as part of your business, including staffing, finances, visual impact and more!

Each week, a new episode will be released featuring practical advice from Retail Doctor Group’s CEO, Brian Walker, to help build your business fitness!

Episode 1: Steps to Retail Business Fitness 

This podcast will discuss Effective People. Imagine that you are starting your first day in a retail business, you walk into the business and ask the boss what you are here to do. There is no sense of outcome in the business, no compliance or measurement. Effective People is exactly what it implies. How to enable people to be great at their job and move towards a common goal.

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Episode 2: Fiscal Physical – Interpreting Financials

The podcast will help you understand Fiscal trends – how money moves through the business, how it is made, how it is lost and understanding the relationship between the net worth of the investor, balance sheet and cash flow. Ultimately, it is about having a good working knowledge of the numbers and knowing how to improve.

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Episode 3: Visual Impact – The Theatre of Retail

Visual impact is about the theatre of retail. You need to own the space and make a visual impact. This is all about excitement, inspiration and education converting the retails space into something that builds on brand aid and links to strategy. You need to have all the principles of visual merchandising to support this.

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Stay tuned for Episode 4!