Find out how the ABS 2016 Population CENSUS data can help your business

To celebrate this the NRA and MarketMap is providing members with a FREE standard MarketMap report for any location, (for a limited time only).

The report will help use the new CENSUS data, and other important data, to identify new opportunities in the local market area.

If interested please send your contact details to marketmap@navigate.com.au. Alternatively, contact marketing@nra.net.au or call 1800 RETAIL (1800 738 245). 

Do you know who your customers/potential customers are and where to find them?

MarketMap can provide valuable knowledge on the Australian landscape to help you make more informed business decisions…

  • Understand the neighbourhood around your business, or potential business location, to identify and cease new opportunities
  • Know how many people live, work and visit in your area or area of interest to quantify the potential for growth
  • Know how much people spend on specific products and services in the area to better position new offerings
  • Identify predominate neighbourhood characteristics, such as age groups, family structure, house ownership and other important demographics, to better engage with them
  • Identify population density pockets with limited or no competition to target specific marketing activities
  • Promote the right products and services to the right people in the area to attract them to your business

Because the CENSUS is regarded across industry and government as the Bible of information about people and places, good use of CENSUS data can help you in a number of vital areas:

  • Build a viable business case
  • Strengthen your relationship with suppliers

In addition to the core demographics such as age, income and ancestry, the CENSUS can help you make business decisions that will positively impact on your sustainability: 

  • Whether an area is the right place for you to invest
  • Become more relevant to your key customers by understanding them better
  • Where to look for new customers
  • Understand what the data means for your organisation, users, current and potential customers
  • Learn how the data can help you decide where to expand your business or offering in the ‘new’ Australian landscape
  • Zeroing in on your existing and potential target markets
  • Smarter use of investments (money, time, manpower) to get better results with less trial and error
  • Using the CENSUS in conjunction with other data sources such as market research, surveys and customer loyalty data to achieve targets quickly and efficiently.

The 2nd release of the 2016 CENSUS tells us about employment, qualifications and population mobility, including journey to work and internal migration.

NRA in collaboration with MarketMap can unlock the CENSUS and open up a host of possibilities.

The CENSUS will not be taken again for another FIVE years, so learn how to make it can work for your business today!

To find out more, visit marketmap.biz or email marketing@nra.net.au.