Nsw Container Deposit Scheme

The National Retail Association has welcomed sensible, and considered increases in scope to accepted beverage containers for the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, Return and Earn.

The NSW Government is proposing to bring wine and spirits in glass containers and cordial and concentrated fruit juice containers into the scheme, and increase the size limits for some beverages. The updated scheme would include all beverage containers (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) between 150ml and 3L, except for plain milk and registered health tonics as part of the scheme.

NSW and Victorian government studies show there is overwhelming support from the community to extend coverage to wine, spirits, juices, cordials and larger containers.

Container refund schemes benefit from more volume, leading to better recycling and circular economy outcomes. It has become a key part of environmental stewardship by the retail sector contributing to greater recycled content in products and reduced environmental impacts.

NSW Return and Earn recently reached a major recycling milestone with 8 billion bottles, cans and drink cartons returned since 2017, representing 2 out of 3 containers supplied in NSW.


Have your say

NSW EPA has released a discussion paper Driving NSW’s circular economy, which provides details about the expansion, and other proposals to improve efficiency, transparency and customer experience.

Submissions close Friday 2 December 2022.


Unsure how this affects you?

NSW EPA is holding a series of information sessions for impacted stakeholders to learn about the proposed changes, ask questions and provide feedback.

  • 3 November – Sydney
  • 8 November – Hunter
  • 10 November – Armidale
  • 15 November – Griffith
  • 17 November – Albury
  • 22 November – Orange
  • 24 November – Queanbeyan

Registration details will be available via NSW EPA in the coming weeks.