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From Tuesday 25th May 2021, 10:00am
To Wednesday 26th May 2021, 1:30pm
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When working in eCommerce, it’s easy to become obsessed with selling a product and optimising the transaction itself. However, we need to be always mindful that we are delivering an end-to-end, customer-centric experience that fosters brand loyalty and love.

At The eCommerce Show, leaders of local and international experience will demonstrate how to exceed customer expectations, and deliver value to tomorrow’s customer.

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2021 Key themes

Integrating your Digital and Physical Brand – Staying connected with your customers in the in the age of physical distancing

Demonstrating Agile Leadership – How brands are pivoting to meet changing consumer engagement and UX

Hyper-Personalisation and Data – Extracting maximum value from your data to optimise ecommerce performance

Simplifying Processes – Developing a culture that drives growth in your eCommerce business

Future of Marketplaces: Understanding the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace landscape

Delivery and Fulfilment – Streamlining the supply chain to ensure your last mile to customer is smooth