Online event


Thursday 25th February 2021
1:00pm - 1:30pm
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Let’s take some time to prepare for the future and head into 2021 with refreshed resilience. Retailers and hospitality workers still face uncertainty and anxiety as COVID lockdowns come into place around the nation. Resilience is not about toughing it out, being unemotional or going it alone. Resilient people still feel the emotion associated with a negative experience such as anxiety or sadness,  but they don’t stay there. We can all learn and improve our resilience skills. This crash course on how to lead your team to a mentally healthy workplace has never been more necessary for shop owners and managers.

Join Margaret Aboody from Luemo Workplace Wellbeing as we discuss how retailers should manage their, and their employees, mental health in 2021 (with free resources for attendees). Join us on Thursday, 26 February at 1pm AEST.