Online event


Thursday 13th May 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm

Join NRA Legal’s Legal Practice Director Lindsay Carroll as she discusses:

  • the forms that sexual harassment in the workplace can take;
  • taking steps to prevent sexual harassment;
  • key principles for responding to an allegation of sexual harassment; and
  • the recommendations arising from the Respect@Work report and the changes to workplace laws being contemplated by government in response.

Sexual harassment tends not to be an isolated incident, and it is rarely a situation of a misunderstanding or of innocent “appreciation”. Rather, it is frequently the product of a workplace culture that at best overlooks, and at worst enables, such conduct, which can have significant consequences for health and safety.

The Respect@Work report into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces comes at a time where these issues are receiving unprecedented (but warranted) attention. The report makes a number of recommendations that will affect how sexual harassment in the workplace is to be addressed by employers.

This webinar will assist HR professionals, managers, in-house legal advisors and business owners to better understand the risks posed by sexual harassment in the workplace and how to respond where it does occur.