Wednesday 12th April 2023
9:00am - 11:00am

Wage compliance is not just ‘a nice thing to have’ but an essential aspect of any business.

Now updated for our ever-changing world.

As underpayments in the retail industry continue to dominate news headlines, it has never before been so important to take proactive steps to ensure award compliance. In this challenging time where wage compliance is not just ‘a nice thing to have’ but an essential aspect of any business, understanding the complex rostering rules in the General Retail Industry Award is essential for retail executives and retail management teams.

While many businesses will have long-standing working patterns designed around these requirements, the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-evolving government response to it has thrown several wrenches into these throughout the last 12 months. With the need to adapt comes the need to test working practices heretofore uncontemplated, and the risk of non-compliance becomes ever greater.

To assist our clients in eliminating the headache that comes with preparing rosters and aid in identifying compliance risks when developing responses to rapidly changing business requirements, NRA Legal has developed a 2-hour online workshop that will unpack the rostering principles and highlight the intricacies of the Retail Award.

This live and interactive workshop will deliver an overview of compliant rostering practices that will minimise your exposure to overtime penalties and underpayment claims. In particular, we will focus on:

  • An introduction to common rostering pitfalls;
  • How different employment types impact your rostering practices;
  • Understanding ordinary hours of work, breaks, penalties and loadings;
  • Notifying employees of shifts and changes to the roster;
  • The inter-relationship between the complex rostering rules in the Retail Award; and
  • Tools and resources for achieving compliance.

This webinar is $230 for NRA members and $350 per general admission (both prices exclude GST).