Online event


Thursday 5th November 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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COVID-19 has affected us all and never before has workplace mental health and building resilience been more important.

The resilience of you and your workforce will be the key to business continuity and commercial success now and in the future. This webinar will encourage you to cultivate and support your, and your employees, self-care and wellbeing. Staying well is a form of protection and will help prevent mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Join Margaret Aboody from Luemo Workplace Wellbeing as for an insightful masterclass aimed at business owners, human resources staff, team leaders and managers. The topics covered will include:

• What is resilience

• Why being resilient and having a resilient team is important

• How to build personal resilience

• What is psychological safety and why this is important to support a resilient workplace

• The components of a resilient workplace


Attendees will also be given a Luemo Wellbeing Scorecard to gauge your own mental wellness, and a Resilient Workplace Checklist.


Attendance at this webinar is free.