Wednesday 27th March 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Performance management starts with great communication and an ability to deliver constructive feedback to your team. In this workshop, the National Retail Association’s Legal Practice Director will guide retail leaders through rational methods of performance management and how to best minimise the legal risks associated with getting performance management wrong.

When retail leaders aren’t empowered to manage the performance of their team, the opportunity to harness potential in high performers may be lost or worse, poor performers may impact team culture and your bottom line.

This workshop will provide retail leaders with the tools to be great communicators and effectively minimise the company’s exposure to litigation as a result of a poorly executed performance management process.

Specifically, the workshop will cover:

  1. Communication essentials;
  2. How to be an effective coach;
  3. How to give constructive feedback;
  4. Identifying early behaviours and performance issues;
  5. How to have difficult conversations;
  6. How to commence a formal performance management process;
  7. Implementing performance improvement plans;
  8. Tips and strategies for responding to common performance management scenarios; and
  9. The consequences if you get it wrong.

This workshop has a specific focus on retail businesses and is designed to encourage maximum participation and learning through interactive group activity and live polls.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and workshop hypothetical scenarios with two qualified lawyers from the National Retail Association’s in-house legal team.

We hope you are able to join us.


Members: $595
Non-Members: $995