Suburban Business Hub
16 Aspinall Street
Nundah, QLD 4012


Wednesday 15th June 2022
9:15am - 11:30am
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The National Retail Association has partnered with the Brisbane City Council to deliver free workshops for Brisbane retailers.

Resilience is a key, but relatively unknown, ingredient to safeguard your team against most work issues and challenges. In this workshop, you will learn that building resilience is one way we can reduce our stress at work and contribute to a more mentally healthy workplace. Whether it be learning to be more resilient in dealing with difficult customers or criticisms, or how to manage change in the workplace this key trait is important not just professionally, but also personally.

You’ll learn:

  • strategies to improve mental and physical wellbeing
  • they key to building a resilient and positive mindset
  • know how to build your support network and be a support to others
  • free access to the National Retail Association’s self-paced online course on this topic available post-workshop.

This training will be delivered at the Suburban Business Hub in Nundah on Wednesday, 15 June.