Wednesday 15th November 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm

Negotiating a tenant-friendly lease

Our partner LPC is hosting a set of courses focused on ‘commercial leasing’ to empower participants with the skills needed to revise and revamp lease agreements in a way that better aligns with business goals. This is particularly important in light of rising occupancy costs due to inflation and unfavorable lease terms.

Why Attend?

A tenant always ends up with the lease they negotiate, which is not necessarily the lease they need. The pandemic was just one example of full rental obligations continuing notwithstanding impaired utility. Giving more attention to defining what a tenant-friendly lease looks like ensures the negotiation approach delivers the best possible tenant outcome. By attending you will be better placed to negotiate tenant-friendly lease terms that help to future-proof your organisation.

This is module 3 of our 4 module commercial leasing course.