Thursday 3rd November 2022
7:30am - 8:30am

On October 25 the new Federal Government will hand down its first budget which outline its priorities for the coming months. The budget will cover key areas that are high on the Albanese Government’s agenda such as employment, workforce skills, public debt and climate change, along with typical areas of tax, infrastructure and superannuation.

The Budget will have far reaching implications for every corner of the Australian economy including the greater retail industry. So what can retailers expect and how will this Budget impact the industry and the thousands of businesses that form the retail ecosystem?

Join our panel of industry experts as we analyse the implications of the Federal Budget for our industry and look at measures that you can take now to prepare your business for any implications.

Panel session begins at  7:30am AEST (QLD) or 8:30am AEDT (NSW/VIC)