Tuesday 15th September 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sustaining demand during times of disruption, one thing is absolutely certain: the need to drive more agility within the warehouse and supply chain. Doing so will enable your business to quickly adapt to a variety of changing priorities, directives and initiatives.

After weathering the first stage of COVID-19 induced shutdowns, the retail sector is now facing its second wave of disruption. Those who have augmented their warehouse operations with increased agility are placed in the best position to adapt to these challenges, and evolving changes.

Join Accenture, Swinburne University, Zebra Technologies and BlueYonder on an insightful panel discussion that addresses the major challenges facing retail distribution centres, and the key strategies to help you overcome them.

The panel discussion will explore:

  • Changing business models to cater to the digital customer
  • Augmenting the warehouse worker with mobile technology to drive operational efficiencies and boost productivity
  • The power of prescriptive analytics in accurately determining true demand
  • Collaboration among all areas of warehouse operations to ensure constant visibility into your assets, people, and processes

Register below by Monday 14 September. Please email the Zebra Marketing Team with any questions you may have.