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Thursday 7th May 2020
10:00am - 11:00am
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eCommerce marketing today has become so complex for many small business owners. Whether they are hacking an organic social content strategy, Facebook advertising or paying a number of part-time dis-jointed marketing resources to run SEO and email marketing, they are constantly questioning: is this working? Should I be spending my marketing budget elsewhere? Should I be seeing results by now?


StraightArrow, in partnership with withSmallBusiness, prepared 4 exclusive training sessions for retailers. These webinars aim to change this with simplified eCommerce advice combined with actionable, practical and affordable tactics to lay solid foundations. These webinars are packed of eCommerce best practices to get small business owners out of the digital maze and on the path to long-term sustainable growth. 


Who is the webinar aimed at?

  • NRA SME retail members
  • Any small business start-ups in eCommerce
  • Any small business that is looking to get help with digital marketing or to move into eCommerce
  • Any small business that has an eCommerce website and is looking for cost-efficient, sustainable growth
  • Any small business that already has a marketing resource/s and is looking to maximise their investment


What will the webinar cover?

April 16: Cost-efficient eCommerce Marketing tactics to drive revenue

April 23: Optimising an existing eCommerce site: easy conversion rate optimisation tactics

April 30: SEO & Social Content Strategy for eCommerce

May 7: Email Marketing for eCommerce


Why do attendees need to tune in?

  1. To learn best practices and tactics specifically designed for small businesses—affordable, results-oriented, and easy to implement.
  2. To see if the eCommerce marketing practices they have in place match their business objectives.
  3. To audit their current eCommerce marketing set-ups and practices.
  4. To get peace of mind that they can get expert help, support and guidance so that they don’t feel alone.
  5. To develop a plan for eCommerce growth that is affordable, achievable and simplified