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Wednesday 14th April 2021
1:00pm - 2:30pm
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Is your business crisis-proof? Can your digital marketing infrastructure weather a sudden storm?

Last year proved to us that only those with a strong digital presence could turn business around and thrive in difficult situations. That’s why we’ve partnered with Digital Marketing Specialist netStripes to not only bring you a FREE Webinar, but to help you take the first steps toward digital readiness.

The webinar is designed exclusively for members of NRA, to show you how you can leverage digital marketing and technology to pivot your business in times of uncertainty.

Some of the areas covered in this webinar:

  • Fundamentals of a strong digital and marketing infrastructure
  • Using data and analytics in business
  • Powering your business with digital automation
  • How to create a powerful customer strategy
  • Nailing your competitor strategy


Join us as we cover the future of retail business with netStripes CEO Dinesh De Silva, and stay tuned for the last 10 minutes, where we open the floor for you to ask him all your burning questions.


The pandemic has got retailers thinking about future-proofing business for future crises. But how do you future-proof a business for a potential crisis – especially if you’re not sure what that crisis could look like? To answer this question and more, Digital Marketing specialist, Dinesh De Silva will be presenting a Live Webinar created exclusively for NRA Members, on building a strong digital and marketing infrastructure, using digital automation to save resources, and making sense of data to create results-driven strategies If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, now’s the time to do it! In this exclusive Live Webinar, expert Dinesh De Silva will address the need for crisis-proofing business in e-commerce, creating results-driven digital strategies, and what it really means for retailers.

Your business needs to have strong digital presence that can easily pivot to adapt in times of crisis.