Thursday 20th August 2020
10:00am - 11:00am
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Nobody is immune to fraud. Everyone from large corporations to small business owners can be targeted by hackers in pursuit of sensitive information. In a report released in June this year, the ACCC stated that email scams alone cost Australian businesses $132 million in the last financial year. The average small business lost over $11,000, but others reported losses of up to $200,000. Blows like this are enough to force a small business to close and cost the owners their livelihoods.

The National Retail Association, in collaboration with our financial partner Vincents, are holding a roundtable discussion Thursday 20th August 2020 in line with National Scam Awareness Week. Members will get the rare opportunity to hear from experts that are amongst the best in their field, including security experts and forensic accountants who see the work of scammers and the damage their actions can cause. Panelists include cybersecurity experts from nbn co and DotSec.

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