From Thursday 29th October 2020, 9:00am
To Thursday 5th November 2020, 12:00pm


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Coreo’s CE Masterclass is a deep dive into all things circular economy. From the mind-shift required, to the values and communication skills needed, this course will take you on a challenging journey of learning and reflection, leaving you with practical tools and a pathway to action to be the change you want to see in the world.

Why learn from Coreo?

  • Coreo has unparalleled experience actioning the circular economy
  • Coreo is the only Australian organisation with a CEO selected by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Circular Economy Champion
  • Coreo was the only Australian organisation selected to represent Australia at the World Circular Economy Forum

And above all else, taking the circular economy out of theory and putting it into practice is Coreo’s niche and they want to teach you how:

  • How to talk about it
  • How to action it
  • How to gain investment in it
  • And how to bring all the people you need to succeed along for the journey

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to understand and action circular economy
  • Government representatives (we’ve had representatives from Treasury Corporations, State and Local Government)
  • Professionals (we’ve had consultants, CEOs, and MDs from companies like Suncorp, Arcadis, AECOM, Lendlease and more)
  • Academics and postgrad students

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of circular economy principles and business models and the building blocks required to achieve systemic change
  • Demonstrate the ability to articulate the mind shift from a linear view of the world to one that is circular. Think, design and do with the end in mind
  • Demonstrate and understand the environmental, social and economic value and business case in a circular economy
  • Demonstrate the ability to practice systems thinking and identify value creation opportunities along supply chains
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and articulate the opportunity the circular economy presents including understanding the difference between circular economy, sustainability, and waste management (hint – they’re not the same thing)



Coreo’s Circular Economy Masterclasses consists of two live online modules that will be delivered twice in 2020.

Each masterclass costs $550 (including GST).

Masterclass 1

Module 1: 27 August, 0900-1200 (3 hours)

Module 2: 3 September, 0900-1100 (2 hours)

Masterclass 2

Module 1: 29 October, 0900 – 1200 (3 hours)

Module 2: 5 November, 0900 – 1100 (2 hours)