Wednesday 6th October 2021
11:00am - 1:00pm

BDO knows restrictions and lockdowns make things hard for small businesses and the continued uncertainty about future measures in many states means 2021 is challenging many businesses across the country. To equip you with the knowledge you need to combat the pressure of operating a small business during COVID-19, BDO invites you to their free virtual masterclasses. 


Learn to make informed strategic decisions, based on your numbers

Understanding financial terminology is like learning a new language. Can you explain the difference between gross profit and net profit? Are you clear on which expenses should be allocated to cost of goods sold? Can you explain the relationship between your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet? Empower yourself with the knowledge of how to read key financial reports and become a business owner who uses their knowledge of numbers to make better business decisions.


What you will learn in this masterclass

  • Determine your current level of financial literacy
  • Identify financial challenges and discuss strategies to overcome them
  • Understand the structure of a Profit and Loss Statement
  • Identify Cost of Goods Sold to ensure your Gross Profit is correct
  • Discuss the three report layouts every business owner needs
  • Understand the structure of a Balance Sheet.


Who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass suits anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and gain a deeper understanding of accounting principles and financial reports. This financial education will be delivered virtually. Business leaders located across Australia are welcome to attend, specifically:

  • Business owners looking to improve their financial knowledge
  • Owners of startups, small businesses and large organisations
  • General managers, key operational personnel or financial managers
  • Managers responsible for analysing financials or setting budgets
  • Financial decision-makers who want more confidence