Webinars are not a new concept, however implementing them into your marketing plan could still be essential to building brand awareness and providing value for your current customers.
Running a webinar offers you a chance to gain insights from your customers and target audience while delivering key messages and engaging content.

So how do you start?

• Work our if a webinar is suitable for your intended audience
• Work out what the best day and time is for your customers
• Pick a topic that matters to them
• Adjust your content according to feedback and what is trending
• Test your links and sound before you go live
• Market your webinar on all online channels suitable to your business
• Engage with your audience during the webinar by using polls, asking for feedback or facilitating a Q&A
• Make your content engaging with visuals and stories

The National Retail Association has partnered with the Australian Government to develop the Digital Businesses Kit for Retailers designed to address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge.

Find out more about webinars and e-marketing, visit the Digital Business Kit here.