Energy Efficient

For most retailers, ensuring their appliances are energy efficient is seldom a priority.

However, if retailers do set aside the time and resources needed to select the right efficient appliances for their business, upgrading can quickly pay off. This may ultimately improve the bottom line, reduce emissions and gain reputational benefits for being environmentally conscious.

To assist in this endeavour, some state and territory governments offer rebates on selected energy-efficient appliances and services to eligible businesses.


Victorian Energy Upgrades offers discounted energy efficient products such as lighting and commercial appliances, for businesses through accredited providers. For instance, Victorian businesses can expect a rebate of around $629 for upgraded refrigerated display cabinets.  Businesses that are using older equipment from before the minimum energy efficiency standards were introduced in 2003 are likely to be paying more on energy bills than they should.

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New South Wales

In New South Wales, rebates of up to $1,490 per commercial fridge purchased or leased between 9 September 2019 and 30 September 2021 are available for small businesses owners. The NSW Government is also offering subsidisation for eligible businesses to replace old lights with new LED lights for the cost of the lights and installation fee. It is estimated that replacing 50 halogen downlights to LEDs will see up to a $2300 a year reduction in energy bills.

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Australian Capital Territory

Eligible Australian Capital Territory business can receive rebates of up to $5,000 through the Business Energy and Water Program. Following an energy and water assessment, a tailored report and action plan is devised for each business identifying key areas to reduce energy consumption and saving opportunities. Rebates apply for technologies such as lighting, appliances, heating or cooling, refrigeration and tapware.

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In Queensland, the Positive Payback Program supports eligible businesses using energy efficiently and reducing peak electricity demand. Businesses located within eligible suburbs can apply for Energex rewards for a range of upgrades, including lighting, HVAC or Building Management Systems.

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South Australia

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a government initiative that requires energy retailers to help households and businesses save on energy use and costs, and lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Eligible SA businesses may be able to receive free or discounted energy efficiency activities from energy retailers participating in the REES.

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All retailers should consider installing energy efficient appliances and equipment to reduce their environmental impacts and to work towards the ongoing financial viability of their business.


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