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The National Retail Association (NRA) has been delivering ‘SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail’ programs for a diverse group of Employment Plus clients for the past 4 years – many of whom were long term unemployed and disengaged with training and employment. Employment Plus are an organisation focused on connecting job seekers with employers and creating meaningful employment journeys for both.

During our time working with Employment Plus, we have had over 300 students go on to complete their studies, a great achievement considering the turbulent landscape for all. Many have gone onto further studies, using the skills they learnt from the course as a pathway to further job opportunities.


“Highly recommend the NRA for studying/completing a certificate. The trainers were very nice, helpful, and provided students with as much help as they could give us. The certificate work was hard but not incredibly difficult, the questions were easy to understand and the website is easy to figure out. I highly recommend this course and this company as I enjoyed learning and felt very welcomed and assisted during my studies.” – Tifini P., student. 

“The training provided was informative and emphasised real-world experiences. The trainer (Suzi) was friendly and approachable, whilst also maintaining a professional environment that ensures a focus of learning. Given the current health crisis, the NRA has done an excellent job in pivoting towards an online-only approach.” – David M., student. 


Working with Employment Plus, we developed a program that not only focuses on the bare requirements on paper, but also support hands-on skills development, including how to effectively work in a team, understand diversity, how to set goals and how to plan for the future. Many students have gone into customer service roles at ground level and some have now progressed into supervisory roles, which is a great result and example of how training can be a valuable investment into a career in retail.


The ongoing relationship between Employment Plus and the NRA is a very respected relationship. Due to the communication and commitment to this program we have been able to constantly evolve this program based on the community, client and participant needs. We both recognise that all groups are not the same and we pivot to meet those needs to create life changing moments. This partnership enables us to meet everyone’s needs.” – Suzi Glover, NRA’s Retail Trainer & Facilitator.


We value every partner and client we have worked with over the years, and it is so encouraging to see the investment into the next generation bear fruits for the retail industry. With COVID still affecting many industries, the NRA have pivoted to online and blended deliveries to ensure Australia can continue to upskill its workforce, and contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

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