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As we enter into the holiday shopping season, retail businesses can expect to see a surge in profits, in particular, with online shopping. According to a marketing study, the eCommerce industry has grown significantly over the last five years, with a further revenue growth of 11.1% estimated this year.

Quite a few business owners have already made the smart choice by transitioning to an online business model to sustain business during these challenging times. By pivoting their strategy, and making the most that digital has to offer, they have progressed into successful online businesses.

However, there are still plenty struggling to cope with the digital mediums, and with so many businesses now shifting online, the need to stay top of mind of potential customers is more important than ever. Here at netStripes, we strive to help businesses owners like yourself to not only build a website backed by the right digital strategy and innovative technology, but also to impart the right digital knowledge and skills to increase your digital awareness.

We do this through our innovative program ‘Futurise Insights’ a webinar series developed by Digital Marketing Expert and netStripes CEO, Dinesh De Silva. Insights covers everything from the fundamentals of digital marketing strategy and social media marketing, to innovative thinking to drive profits for small and medium businesses.

Each 90-minute webinar is presented by Dinesh himself and attendees are encouraged to participate in the live forum so that you leave with clarity and awareness on the changes needed for the next phase of your business. The program has helped thousands of small and medium businesses across the country gain the right knowledge and confidence they need to implement digital solutions and transition into successful online businesses.


Digital Marketing Essentials

Innovation for Profitability

2021 Is only a few months away, have you nailed your business’s digital marketing yet?

The global shift to join the online market, increased exponentially by the effects of COVID-19, has seen many businesses hustling to reach more audiences and stay top of mind for consumers online.

This webinar delivers insights on up-to-date essentials of digital marketing which business owners need to know when creating their website, strategy and campaigns.

Get results-focused insights in all the essential digital marketing areas, from identifying key elements and how to implement them, developing a credible website and strategy, to aligning your business goals for peak performance.

Read on to explore the key areas of focus for ensuring that your business stays on top of its digital marketing.

What you’ll learn at the webinar
· Big mistakes which small and medium businesses are making in digital marketing
· Digital marketing – the principles of success
· A defined process for success online
· Digital Strategy – the key elements and how to nail it
· How to create trust and credibility online
· How to nail your business website, key elements and what to watch
· Lessons and success stories of small and medium business
· How to align your business goals with Digital and marketing
· Continuous skills and knowledge development

With 2021 just round the corner, it’s time to give serious thought to innovation in business.

The positive effects of innovation on business profitability is unmistakable when looking at big businesses like Apple or Amazon who have used innovative thinking to enhance their business model.

This webinar provides key insights on innovative thinking and technology specifically for small and medium businesses, and practical day-by-day steps that can be implemented immediately for best results.

The paybacks of implementing innovation can include better productivity, streamlined products and services, and even a reduction in costs and resources.

What you will learn:
· 5 Innovation secrets for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
· Innovation in 2020 for SME, practical day-to-day steps
· Innovation success factors
· Exponential technologies for innovation that SMEs can ride on
· The top 5 Technology waves to take a ride on
· Tools for small business innovation
· Common innovation mistakes made by SMEs
· SME Innovation success stories – lessons for your business

Who is this for?
Best for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. If you’ve missed out on our previous webinars covering digital reinvention and innovation, then this is a great refresher webinar to increase your digital awareness and prepare you for our more in-depth online courses.

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As a member of the National Retail Association, we are pleased to offer you exclusive access to a 30-minute Digital Transition Discussion with our digital specialists, who will give you valuable insights and help you take the leap you need to successfully transition and become the next success story.

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