Drive Online Sales With Facebook 2

Written by Dionne Alaveras, News Xtend

As a business owner you have perfected your product suite and perfectly tailored it to what your audience needs.

Your website now perfectly houses this inventory. You have worked hard to ensure the purchase journey online is seamless, effortless.

You have already created templated EDM’s ready to thank your customer for purchasing.

The boxes and wrapping is all decided, perfectly encapsulating the aesthetic of your brand.

Everything is ready to go, except one thing, how do you drive online sales?

In the advanced digital environment that we find ourselves in, there are multiple platforms one could utilise to drive online sales.

Today we are going to look at Facebook.


Before you purchase, as a consumer, what do you do first?

Most would say before committing to a purchase, you need to know the brand and have perused their website. Facebook with its expansive range of ad types caters to any goal your business has.

For today’s discussion, we are focusing on driving online sales.

By utilising Facebook traffic ads, not only can you put your brand in front of your target audience but you can also optimise the ads towards sending large volumes of traffic to your website. Allowing users to learn more about your product and brand.

If a potential customer jumped onto your site and checked out the shoes tab, or added to cart but didn’t follow through, these are users who are almost there, so keep retargeting them to guide them through the path to purchase and drive online sales.

Once you have built up strong enough pools of data with traffic, you would then utilise a conversion ad. Defining purchases as your conversion point, you would then serve these ads urging those who have already visited your page to purchase.

Another strategy is the use of dynamic ads. Dynamic ads allow for your entire inventory to be uploaded to Facebook.

Ads will be created showcasing each product, with prices and availability. These ads will then be dynamically served to those users who have either engaged with the product before, or are best suited to it.

The utilising of data or dynamic ads is essential if driving online sales is your businesses objective.

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