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Written by Dionne Alaveras, News Xtend

All those business owners looking to increase online sales still here? All new readers, we welcome you.

In previous articles, we’ve looked into how, when harnessing the powers of Facebook and Google, simple advertising strategies can be implemented to increase online sales.

Now we draw our attention to the last head honcho. Display.

Programmatic is a crucial vehicle for digital marketing, but what is it?
















“In its simplest form, it is a way of buying digital media using software, only without having to interact with a person at the other end,” News Xtend’s very own programmatic padrone Boris Leshinsky makes a cameo in this article.

Display has made targeting and the segmentation of audiences possible. These are essential when trying to reach any desired outcome, not just sales.

However, when you are asking your potential customers to purchase your product or service, it is a game of seduction. You need to be placing the right message, in front of the right people and at the right time.

This heavily relies on finding those who are most relevant to your ad or message.

If you are placing relevant content in front of users, you are most likely to get your desired action.

In short, using segmented audiences and targeting to place your ads in front of those who are most likely going to buy your product.

Retargeting is the best tool at your disposal for driving online sales.

First step, data.

This includes traffic to your website, lists of customers who have already purchased, or lists of customers who have considered your business but not fully converted (left their details or enquired).

All of the examples above are of users who have shown interest. They have considered you. They are that one step closer to converting, they just need that little push.

Retargeting these people is that push, it is not harassment, think of it as friendly reminders.












These are people who are most relevant, they will most likely convert because they have already considered or engaged with your brand. They know your brand, they trust your brand.

For online sales or conversions, it is far more beneficial targeting these relevant people as opposed to broad, blind targeting.

Retargeting; learn it, live it and love it.

Key takeaway to all those small businesses still with us, utilise your data to inspire online sales.

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