One of the most important roles for an industry organisation is to ensure its members are represented in public debate and discussion. The National Retail Association has a strong track record of speaking out on behalf of our members and the retail sector generally.  Understandably, media interest is strongest around the festive sales period, beginning late November and running through until the Boxing Day shopping events.

Across that festive shopping period, the Association was highly visible in the media, with Director Rob Godwin participating in dozens of media events, including appearances on all television networks and live interviews with A Current Affair, Sky News and the ABC.

In total, your association appeared in 611 news stories across print, radio, television and digital platforms, many of which were syndicated into other media after the initial appearance. By comparison, the next nearest retail association appeared in 158 news stories – giving the National Retail Association around 80 per cent market share, and ensuring we live up to our creed as the voice of modern retail.

In each case Rob used the platform to promote the interests of retailers – urging consumers to support local businesses and to be respectful of retail business owners and their staff who were working while much of the country was on holiday.

“It was a case of getting out there to represent retailers, ensuring their voices were heard and their stories were told at a critical time of the year,” Rob said.

“We make ourselves available for strategic media opportunities throughout the year, of course, to highlight issues and concerns that are most important to our members. But in that final month of the calendar, the media is highly focused on retail issues, and that’s why the association makes sure we use that interest to the industry’s advantage.”

The National Retail Association represents more than 60,000 stores across Australia. It has been serving businesses in the retail and fast-food sectors for close to 100 years.