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Just as Airbnb disrupted the hotel sector and Uber disrupted the taxi industry, retail is facing its own seismic changes.

In the first retail-themed QUT Business Breakfast for 2017, National Retail Association CEO, Dominique Lamb and QUT’s retail expert Assoc. Prof. Gary Mortimer, will explore retail disruption and the issues presented by an ever-changing retail landscape.

What does retail disruption look like right now?

The entry of global retailers has put pressure on incumbent players. While fashion retailers and department stores have already felt the impact, UK retailer JD Banks and French retailer Decathlon will add pressure to the Australian sporting goods sector. Consumer electronics retailers have expressed concerns about Amazon’s rumoured of entry later in 2017. Aldi continues to expand across Australia, creating price pressure for supermarkets, while in contrast, South African owned David Jones launches back into a premium food offer.

Consumers are seeking value, not just low prices. As such, Sephora, TX Maxx and Harris Scarfe have positioned themselves toward this shopper and indicated plans for expansion. Meanwhile, retailers appear overwhelmed by the volume of data now at their fingertips…

Join Dominique Lamb, Gary Mortimer and fellow retailers, to discuss these trends, issues and potential solutions in a time of fast-moving change.

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Chief Executive Officer

National Retail Association

Dominique Lamb

  Marketing & Retail expert

QUT School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

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