Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces
The National Retail Association is delighted to support the Series on industry initiatives supporting mentally healthy workplaces, which has been released by the National Mental Health Commission.

Are you interested in how your business can create a mentally healthy workplace? A new three-part resource showcases current industry-level approaches and provides a practical guide for setting up your own initiatives.

This series features the National Retail Association as one of 13 case studies of industry-led initiatives for mentally healthy workplaces successfully driving positive change, and has been released to coincide with Psychology Week 2021 (29 Nov – 5 Dec 2021). This year’s theme explores the role psychology plays in the workplace.

It has been developed by the National Workplace Initiative after research and consultation highlighted the value of industry-led initiatives and aims to support individuals or groups seeking to lead change in their industry to support mentally healthy workplaces.

This series includes:  


Share your feedback

Tell us your impressions of the series and how informative or helpful it is in helping to plan and develop an industry-led initiative. We are keen to understand what elements of the series, and how they are presented, can be improved in future releases.

We also want to know how the National Workplace Initiative can best support current and emerging industry initiatives to create mentally healthy workplaces.

Feedback can be provided through the survey below, by uploading feedback or emailing the National Workplace Initiative.

Access the series and share feedback via the National Workplace Initiative’s engagement hub.