Running a sustainable business means investing time and energy, constantly analysing your operations and measuring performance to manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.

2015 National Retail Association Rewards for Excellence Sustainability Excellence Award winners LUSH demonstrated a true commitment to maintaining a ‘green’ philosophy throughout their business.

We recently caught up with Kanya Nanayakkara from LUSH who said, “Sustainability is at the core of our business. For a long time inventing products, ethically sourcing our ingredients and making it locally here in Australia had just been ‘normal’ business to us, not something we really spoke about much. We then realised the better we became at communicating our values and ethics by campaigning on issues we believe in, the more we attracted like-minded people in both staff and customers.”

With more and more consumers searching for sustainably produced products, LUSH was excited to be recognised as a leader in the industry.

“The Award is another great way to share our stories and give people a snapshot into the world of LUSH and how sustainability has been a driving force since the very beginning.”

When asked how winning the award has assisted the business, Kanya said, “The award is a great way to showcase our innovation and to tell our story. It also allows us to reach new audiences and communicate about our brand on a deeper level. Through the sharing of our story, we can encourage more ethical business as well.”

Would your business like to be recognised for its commitment to sustainability?

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