Commercial leasing hub for NRA Members

Last year, the National Retail Association put out the COVID Impact Survey to all members. 95% of respondents stated that COVID had impacted their business negatively, and 60% of respondents stated that their lease was a top concern for their business. And the stress has not gone away, with lockdowns and a lack of financial assistance compounding retail leasing as one of the main issues facing your business.

We are pleased to have strengthened our partnership with Lpc Cresa, a leading advisor to retail tenants across Australia and New Zealand, to assist our members through these difficult times. We know that many of our members found our weekly Lpc Cresa webinars and communications most helpful as they sought to negotiate interim leasing arrangements to navigate the pandemic.

Dominique Lamb, CEO of the National Retail Association, said that the renewal of the partnership with Lpc Cresa comes at a critical time as members seek to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

“The ability to renegotiate lease arrangements could make the difference between thriving, surviving, and closing a business. Through the partnership with Lpc Cresa, NRA members will get affordable access to Lpc Cresa’s expertise and subscription service and will be better placed to renegotiate and manage their occupancy costs into the future.”

The Lpc Cresa subscription service is available to all NRA members who can choose between the Free Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Pro Plan.  The plans help commercial tenants improve their tenancy arrangements.

As a one-off offer to members, Lpc Cresa have extended an invitation to NRA members to participate in their 17 June webinar training event for no charge.  All you need to do is to subscribe to any of the 3 plans before 15 June and your subscription will auto-register you for this training event with ongoing access to the recording and materials.


A table detailing the different plans available for leasing and tenancy subscriptions.