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As the modern voice of retail, the National Retail Association (NRA) have partnered with Claim App to help businesses bring back customers through online incentives in their Brisbane pilot program.

Claim App founder, Tim Langford, and his team of Brisbane-based developers have created the first app to help consumers easily find and save on the best deals in their local area – like a pilates class, or a dinner out, or inner-city parking – while helping small businesses reach new customers.

Now, as Tim and the team launches a new, tried-and-tested version of the app in a post-isolation world, they’re inviting more businesses to sign up, and help support thousands of small businesses and consumers in COVID and beyond. This partnership with the NRA will allow members to access heavily discounted subscription rates while also assisting the embattled CBD precinct recover from the pandemic.

“The National Retail Association promotes innovation in retail. Our partnership with Claim App aims to assist retailers embrace new digital marketing solutions. The app already has 26,000 downloads, and retailers have the ability to blast out offers, like lunch time deals or discount beauty services, directly to the people in their vicinity,” says NRA CEO Dominique Lamb.

“We look forward to working with Tim and the Claim App team on rolling out this pilot in Brisbane, and broadening our scope”.

Mr. Langford is excited to assist traditionally brick-and-mortar businesses explore new ways to reach customers in their local areas.

“If you’re a beauty therapist, just getting one new customer every three months justifies the price. We’re aiming to have over 2,000 paying businesses and 150,000 users by Christmas 2021 – helping to be part of our mission to support small businesses, consumers in COVID and beyond” Mr. Langford says.

The Claim App was built in collaboration with the very businesses who directly benefit from the app – ensuring they can easily post their own promotions, and fill routinely quiet periods in the day with special offers and discounts. It is absolutely free for consumers to sign up for the Claim App where they can easily find and save on the best deals in their local area within a 5km radius. This means more opportunities are given to local, small businesses who previously did not have an online platform to advertise on. This project is part of an effort to revitalise struggling businesses, something the NRA has strongly advocated for. With more consumers opting to purchase through online platforms for added convenience, this type of technology and digital innovation is a must for retailers to remain competitive.

With more than 26,000 downloads, and a plan to roll out the app nationally, we look forward to working with Claim App to help businesses be visible online and increase their digital capabilities.


Exclusive offer for Brisbane & Sutherland Shire NRA members

In this initial pilot, we are inviting Brisbane and Sutherland Shire (NSW) NRA members to join the platform at a discounted rate of $220 a year which works out to be less than a dollar a day. There is no cap to how much content you can post on the app, and with the well-known success of similar apps, particularly within the food delivery sector, retailers can take advantage of the same business model to stretch their investment dollars, and maximise their reach.

To redeem this offer, please email Rebecca Goulter, NRA Director of Marketing and Events on 


How Claim is helping Brisbane Businesses

Patrick White – Pocket Microcafe

“At Pocket Microcafe, we’re a small footprint café in Brisbane’s CBD so competition is massive. Claim App is really simple to use and really helps with managing our food wastage. Things only last a few days so anyone on the team can throw things up on the app to advertise those deals to our customers in real-time thanks to Claim’s push notifications. It’s a really new school approach to an old school methodology.

“Everyone else in this digital space takes a clip of 10-30%, so Claim’s monthly subscription model is excellent – you can use it as many times as you like in the month which is the number one reason I signed up.

“After COVID-19, people aren’t in their offices five days a week anymore, some are returning one to three days a week, so all the CBD cafés are in the same boat. Claim App is important for us so we can reach out to those people and let them know we’re still here. And with a 500m – 2km radius, where we’re located in the CBD, that’s a huge area!”


Hannah Berck: Shique Hair and Beauty

“Shique Hair and Beauty is a one-stop salon for everything hair and beauty. We’ve built our reputation in Brisbane as a leader in the hair and beauty industry and have grown a massive social following off the back of that. We have a very loyal clientele, so Claim is a different avenue to reach new clientele in the local area.

“For us, Claim App is very simple as a business marketing tool. One way we use Claim is by putting up our new special every month – it’s a great way to get the word out to locals and attract new clients. It’s also really user friendly so we don’t have to think too much about it and can get back to serving our valued clients.”