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In addition to the hospitality sector, from 1am Friday 9 July, the Check In Qld app will be mandatory for a number of new sectors. 

We note that our list is more prescriptive than what is currently on the Check In Qld app page – this list is what is outlined in the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction. Businesses within a shopping centre require a QR code, and customers need to check in at the shopping centre and each business within the centre.

This includes:

  • Retail food services including cafes, restaurants and fast-food outlets. This covers operations that may be part of another business, e.g. a restaurant in a casino or a café in a gallery, or a bar or restaurant at a theme park
  • Pubs, licensed clubs, RSL clubs, function centres, bars, wineries, distilleries and microbreweries and licensed premises in hotels
  • Venues that attract large crowds, such as stadiums, convention centres, theme parks, concert venues, nightclubs and cinemas
  • Shopping centres
  • Department stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets, grocers, bakeries, butcher’s shops, fishmongers
  • Convenience stores, delicatessens
  • Post offices
  • Customer service branches of insurers, hardware stores, furniture stores, electrical stores, recreational goods stores, clothing and footwear stores, newsagents, a part of a place engaged in agriculture or industry which sells to the public the produce or products of the business, and indoor and outdoor food, craft or other markets.
  • beauty and personal care service, such as hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail services
  • indoor events, such as cultural festival and expos
  • outdoor events, such as fun runs and fetes
  • leisure and recreation facilities, such as gyms, health clubs, indoor sports facilities and indoor pools
  • short-term residential facilities such as hotels, boarding houses and short-term holiday rentals
  • outdoor recreation, such as caravan parks, camping areas, zoos and aquariums
  • public-facing government services, such as customer service counters in government buildings, galleries, museums, libraries and community centres such as recreation halls
  • weddings, funerals and places of worship (only required if indoor)
  • higher education institutions, such as universities, TAFEs and registered training organisations
  • adult entertainment venues
  • hospitals, residential aged care, disability service accommodation (applies to visitors, volunteers and contractors, not staff or patients/residents).





Frequently asked questions

What if I already use an electronic check-in system, do I still need to switch to the Check In Qld app?

Yes. All Queensland businesses as listed above must use the Check In Qld app from 1am Friday 9 July 2021.


Where do I start to get a Check In Qld QR code?

To obtain a Check In Qld QR code, you will need to first register your interest. Once registered, a QR code and a business starter kit (including QR code posters) will be provided for the venue.


Do I need to set up multiple codes if I have multiple locations?

Each Check In Qld QR code is assigned to a physical address so each location/venue of a business will require a separate registration and QR code. Each physical address/location must also have a unique descriptor as duplicate display names cannot be processed. For example:

  • The Burger Place – City
  • The Burger Place – West End.


What if my customers refuse or cannot use the Check In Qld app?

The app offers the ability for businesses to enter customer contact details via ‘Check In Qld Business Profile mode’ listed in the profile section of the app. If customers are unable or unwilling to use the Check In Qld App, businesses are to use the Business mode of the app to enter in customer details on their behalf. Businesses can also use this mode if customers do not own a smartphone. If customers continue to refuse to check-in, the business has the right to deny entry to the customer/s.

If they are experiencing trouble checking in, they can enter the 6-digit number on your QR Code poster. If there are still problems, the business will need to electronically register the customer either through the Business Profile mode of the app. Note do not use the business profile mode to record details of customers after they have visited.


Do businesses have access to the data collected?

No. The data is securely stored by the Queensland Government for the sole purpose of Queensland Health contact tracing. It cannot be provided to businesses or other agencies for purposes other than contact tracing, such as for marketing purposes.


Do I still need to follow a COVID Safe Industry Plan, checklists and have a statement of compliance if I have the QR code for customers?

Yes, you are still required to follow your COVID Safe Industry Plan, checklists and have a statement of compliance as maintaining a register of customers is only one aspect of the Plan. Read more about COVID Safe plans here.


Who can I contact if I have any issues or questions?

For more information or support, you can contact 134 COVID (13 42 68) or visit the Check In Qld website here. Alternatively, stay up to date on the National Retail Association blog or newsletter.

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The Check In Qld app is available to download and use to help keep Queenslanders COVID Safe when we’re enjoying venues like pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes across Queensland.