Check in Cbr
From 12 noon Thursday 15 July 2021, it will be mandatory to use the Check In CBR app on Canberra’s buses, light rail, taxis and rideshare and all retail settings.

Mandatory use of the Check In CBR app will ensure contact tracing teams have access to the best available data to quickly and effectively contact any individual who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

To support the need for bus and light rail passengers to check in each time they catch public transport, Transport Canberra has installed more than 8,700 QR codes across its bus and light rail fleet.

People must check in for each individual bus and light rail journey.

The expanded range of retail settings include supermarkets, petrol stations, takeaway services, clothing stores and department stores. Transport services include buses, light rail, taxis, Uber and other rideshare services.

People aged 16 years and older must check in upon entry, regardless of how long they are planning to spend in a venue.

For more information on Check In CBR, you can visit the ACT Government’s website here.

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