In late November 2023, the Australian Government announced new rules around seafood Country of Origin Labelling for hospitality businesses.

Consumer ministers voted to introduce the AIM model which will require business to show if seafood for sale is either:

  • Australian (A)
  • Imported (I)
  • Mixed origin (M), if a dish includes both Australian and imported seafood.

The chosen model will assist consumers to make informed choices according to their dietary requirements and preferences, whilst minimising the compliance costs for industry.

This model will be implemented using a new information standard under the Australian Consumer Law and will be mandatory for all hospitality venues selling seafood nationwide.

Although a transition period has been announced, the government has not specified its duration, emphasising the importance for businesses to be aware of impending regulations. Government is also yet to specify where the seafood country of origin seafood should be displayed.

Businesses have been advised that more details will be announced in 2024.

The National Retail Association responded on behalf of industry during the consultation period, and we encourage government to carefully consider the cost and challenges for businesses and offer adequate flexibility in how and where the information is displayed to customers to facilitate outcomes that meet the policy intent.

No action is required from hospitality businesses until more details are announced.