National Retail Association CEO, Greg Griffith, recently participated in an enlightening interview on ABC Radio Brisbane’s Drive program, where he discussed the latest developments and offered valuable insights into the retail sector.

The interview took place on Wednesday 26 during the Drive program hosted by ABC Radio Brisbane. Greg’s expertise and knowledge in the retail sector shone through as he provided a deep understanding of the current state of the industry and its future prospects.

During the interview, Greg touched upon crucial aspects such as emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry, making the interview a must-listen for anyone involved or interested in the retail sector.

As a leading retail company, National Retail Association remains committed to promoting thought leadership and knowledge sharing within the sector.

To catch Greg’s enlightening interview, tune in to ABC Radio Brisbane’s Drive program by following this link:


Note: The information in this press release is based on the ABC Radio Brisbane interview, which took place on Wednesday 26 July, during the Drive program. Any updates or changes beyond this date are not included in this release.