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In many ways, connectivity powered Australian retailers through the pandemic.

This is not to say businesses weren’t impacted by lockdowns – certainly, retailers bore the brunt of the economic fallout. However, retailers that were able to pivot operations towards digitisation fared far better than those that were unable – or unwilling – to adapt. Connectivity provided a means through which retailers could continue – and even expand – operations through lockdown.

However, as a Deloitte report has pointed out, the pandemic functioned a test for some businesses as “existing system weaknesses and pain points have gone from being seen as relatively minor issues to major strategic flaws”.

Not all businesses had the infrastructure in place to pivot operations online. Which is why many business leaders have earmarked digital investments as key to enabling future growth.


How to tell if you need to upgrade your internet connection

A good question to ask yourself when considering investing in connectivity is: how much would it cost my business if the internet connection went down?

If your customer service model is reliant on online communications, you have multiple staff members that regularly use cloud-based applications or SaaS platforms, or you regularly upload and download large files and use teleconferencing platforms, it’s likely your retail business is heavily dependent on connectivity. Even voice communication is reliant on connectivity, as businesses rapidly migrate away from legacy copper infrastructure to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems.

Investing in connectivity that can power those online applications and activities with ease is a simple way to future-proof your operations and power growth in new markets.


The future of retail is digital

The reality is this: as everyday functions of retail migrate to the digital space, your business will become increasingly reliant on connectivity.

This shift is not merely a pivot away from physical shopping towards online retail – digitisation in retail is reshaping everything from production to the physical shopping experience, and supply chain management to marketing.

A great example of digital transformation in retail is Burberry – the luxury fashion brand personalised the physical shopping experience by tailoring recommendations to in-store customers using AI. Data collected through rewards programs allowed in-store assistants to recommend products to customers based on past purchases or browsing histories, while RFID tags sent information to customers’ phones with recommended products and styling suggestions.


Future-proof with a $0 fibre upgrade* 

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