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The National Retail Awards are held every year to acknowledge and honour the many outstanding individuals and businesses in the retail sector. In 2017, the Social Responsibility Champion was one of our most popular categories. This Award recognises the commitment of a retailer to positive corporate citizenship. This may include improving environmental awareness, sustainability, gender equity, community involvement, active legal compliance or other means.

We asked the winner of the 2017 Social Responsibility Champion, Biome, about their experience winning this Award, and how it has affected the business. 

How was your experience winning this award?

The National Retail Awards is an exciting industry event that recognises hard working individuals and outstanding business achievements in the retail sector. Winning the National Retail Association’s 2017 Social Responsibility Champion Award has been undoubtedly one of the most rewarding awards Biome has received to date. From the seamless entry process to the entertaining gala night, the entire awards process was an easy, enjoyable and valuable business experience.

How has this award impacted your business?

Winning this award has highlighted our industry excellence in responsible retailing, operating a business with core values that put people and the environment before profits. It has elevated Biome as a leader in the industry and boosted Biome’s credibility as a socially responsible retailer drawing attention to the positive impacts of our community and environmental initiatives.

Partaking in this award provided us with the opportunity for Biome’s social and environmental initiatives to be judged and supported by the National Retail Association’s independent panel of respected retail leaders. This third-party recognition has been invaluable for promoting our leadership in responsible retailing.

It has provided recognition for the years of hard work, dedication and commitment of many individuals that have helped Biome grow to the success it is today. This includes Biome’s employees and suppliers, and the community that have contributed to the success of the business through their dedication, support and true passion for sustainable living. Our community of conscious consumers are as passionate about sustainable business practices as we are and were genuinely pleased to hear about the recognition we received for our environmental and social initiatives.

Would you recommend this experience to others?

It was an absolute honour for Biome to win the National Retail Association’s 2017 Social Responsibility Champion Award, and I highly recommend any business that qualifies for this award to enter. There are many benefits to entering these awards, even if you don’t win. The entry process helps you to reflect on your success and evaluate key milestones that have made an impact on your business in the past year. The awards night also provides a valuable opportunity to network with leading industry professionals.

Do you have any tips for other retailers entering this category?

Put your best foot forward and highlight the achievements you are most proud of. Show what makes your initiative unique and explain why it’s important for your business and the community or environment. Show how you have successfully implemented the initiative, and how it has improved your business and positively impacted affiliated communities, organisations or the environment.

Tracey Bailey, Founder of Biome

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