NRF Mindy Grossman

2015 ushered in a new world of retail and businesses need to be ready to move with the times.

Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSNi, recently spoke at the NRF Big Show detailing how HSNi have embraced new technologies and strategies to reach the next level of growth.

Speaking to the nature of disruptive commerce, Grossman said “If you are not willing to disrupt yourself, you will inevitably be disrupted.”

In this new world, retailers must be agile and not cling to a particular channel and instead meet the consumer where she is. Consumers must be able to purchase what they want, where they want and at any time.

Multiple points of access are no longer an outstanding customer draw card, but the new normal that is expected across the retail board. Different strategies may be required for each channel and retailers need to be adaptable to changing technologies.

atch Mindy’s address to delegates below.

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