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Australia’s home-grown digital wallet and payments app, Beem It, is launching a new rewards feature to empower small businesses to create bespoke rewards and offers.

The new customisable debit rewards feature, called Beem Rewards, will give 1.5m Beem customers the potential* to earn cashback on their spend, and receive offers and rewards from small businesses that join the program.

It also features a “map view” that enables customers to discover which small businesses are making offers and where.

Digital Wallet, through Beem It, has plans to build an Australian digital marketplace that aims to deliver on the unique needs of Australian consumers and merchants, and flourish through facilitating exceptional customer experiences

Beem It Chief Executive Mark Britt said the rewards landscape was going through significant change and was set for a big shake-up with the new Beem Rewards program.

Mark said the new feature is primed for released in the first quarter of 2022 and allows small retailers to create tailor-made offers for their customers through Beem.

Small businesses wanting to sign up for a trial can do so by visiting here.

“Beem Rewards is a major new capability that propels the much-loved local digital wallet well beyond its renowned core social payments functionality – like splitting bills, keeping shouts civil and paying back mates,” Mark said. “It helps consumers that opt in to support Aussie businesses and potentially get something back in return.

“After two really tough years, Aussies understand it’s time to back local businesses. Beem Rewards gives businesses a potent new platform to connect with customers and foster better understood relationships.”

The Beem Rewards feature is built around better experiences for both customers and merchants alike, via offers tailored from both ends to achieve a great fit.

Rewards funds return to a “jar” within a participating customer’s wallet which can be cashed out to a nominated debit card*.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Beem Rewards do not have any monetary value. Any value assigned and redemption is at the sole discretion of Digital Wallet Pty Ltd. There is no entitlement to Beem Rewards and Beembucks until Digital Wallet has notified the user that their Beem Rewards have a value, the user has accumulated more than AUD$10 in Beembucks notified value and the user has requested redemption, provided Digital Wallet has not given notice cancelling the Beem Rewards Program before that time. No personal circumstances have been taken into account in preparing this article. Consider the PDS when deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold this product. Visit to access the products disclosure statement and Beem Rewards terms and conditions.