They are an essential component that we use to power many types of devices, but what happens to batteries after they are no longer useful?

According to the Battery Stewardship Council, Australian’s reliance on batteries has increased to the point where a projected 186,000 tonnes of lithium waste will end up in landfill. This is equivalent to the weight of the Sydney Opera House. Besides the waste factor, irresponsible disposal of batteries pose a fire risk and health risk thanks to emanating gasses. The design and disposal process of batteries has long been an environmental issue, leading to the formation of the Battery Stewardship Council.

“Stewardship” is the responsible management of a product, from the design phase to the end-of-life phase.

The ACCC granted conditional authorisation to the Battery Stewardship Scheme on September 4th, 2020. The Scheme involves placing a minor weight-based levy on imported batteries, which is passed on to the consumer. This in turn funds the scheme and provides rebates to the bodies responsible for the collection, sorting and disposal of batteries.

For more information, the NRA is hosting two online information sessions on battery stewardship. These sessions will be identical, providing two date options for retailers to ask questions of BSC CEO, Libby Chaplin.

Dates & Zoom links

Join Thursday 17th September session, 2pm AEST Join Thursday 24th September session, 2pm AEST