Bac Wage Subsidy News


That businesses that enrol their staff in traineeships before March 2022 are eligible to receive a government wage subsidy of up $28,000 a year per employee?

The incentive is a part of the BAC Wage Subsidy Program, which aims to assist in the recovery from the economic impact of COVID-19.




NRA Retail Institute


NRA Retail Institute

Employee annual wage $44,122 $44,122
Course Fee $3,500*
BAC Wage Subsidy $28,000*
Total $44,122 $19,622

*Course fee may vary based on location and membership status

**Maximum subsidy of $7,000 per quarter


The table above shows a business’ yearly expenses with one full-time Level 1 employee, receiving a wage of $22.33 per hour. At the end of the year, the company would have spent $44,122 in wages.

However, if the same staff member was enrolled at the NRA Retail Institute – becoming eligible for the BAC wage subsidy – at the end of the year, the company’s expenses would be $19,622.

It’s a business decision that just makes sense. Contact our Training Team at 1800 738 245 to find out how to take part in this program before time runs out.