Einvoicing Streamlines

eInvoicing streamlines the exchange and processing of invoices, with invoices automatically appearing in your software. It removes the need for manual entry, reduces errors, limits missing and incorrect information and eliminates lost invoices.

eInvoicing can save time and money for you and your clients by automating the invoicing process via a secure network. This will help you to redirect your focus to higher‐value client services, such as:

  • Improving your clients’ record keeping, making it easier for you to help them meet their reporting obligations
  • Ensuring accurate invoice data is automatically received so that you and your clients spend less time dealing with errors
  • Reducing the risk of fraud and scams for you and your clients by using the eInvoicing secure network rather than existing email channels.

Peppol eInvoicing is a common eInvoicing standard in Australia. With Peppol, invoices are sent directly to your trading partner’s software using their ABN, so the right information gets to the right contact in seconds.

eInvoicing is becoming increasingly available through software products and is inexpensive, so getting started is easy. With eInvoicing, you can save time, get paid faster and make business decisions based on accurate and real‐time financial information.

Check out ato.gov.au/eInvoicing for details on how to get started with eInvoicing.