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The National Retail Association (NRA) is pleased to announce our new partnership with corporate financial wellness provider, Life Sherpa Finwell. We know that many of our members are struggling to hire and retain talent in what has become a tight labour market. Life Sherpa Finwell is a unique, life-changing employee benefits program that your people will love and will help you stand out as an employer of choice.

Employees who are better at managing their finances are less likely to end up with financial woes, request salary advances, and take on predatory payday loans. As an employer, this means your workforce is less stressed and more focused on their workday.

Through the Life Sherpa Finwell online platform, you and your employees can access:

  • Phone or online consultations with a qualified financial adviser
  • Online courses on money management (and more)
  • Handy financial resources and tools
  • Access to the right home loans, superannuation funds, insurance policies and more

You can either subscribe to get ‘on-demand’ advice and support or access the service flexibly.

Wherever your people live or work and whatever they earn, own, or owe, Life Sherpa Finwell’s fully licenced expert team will deliver the same, exceptional experience and advice for a fraction of the price of a traditional financial adviser.

Life Sherpa Finwell will also reduce the hassle of onboarding new people by guiding them through the maze of decisions they face super choice, salary packaging, car leasing, and employee share plans.

Life Sherpa Finwell has a special offer for NRA members – simply book a demo of the platform to win.

Click here to experience Life Sherpa Finwell for yourself.

Contact Jason Dunn, Head of Partnerships, at or book a demo introduction call.


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