The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has introduced a new online learning platform aimed at assisting small-business owners in navigating their tax and superannuation obligations. Named “Essentials to strengthen your small business,” the platform offers over 20 free short courses and a calendar highlighting key lodgment due dates.

Deputy Commissioner Will Day emphasized that the platform is designed for small-business owners seeking to enhance their understanding of tax, superannuation, and fundamental aspects of effective small business management. The user-friendly platform incorporates videos, case studies, audio content, and written information, along with quick quizzes to facilitate various learning styles.

The website not only provides valuable resources for small-business owners but also offers insights into common pitfalls, including goods and services tax (GST) and business deductions. It caters to the busy schedules of small-business owners by allowing flexibility in learning, enabling them to save progress and resume at their convenience.

Developed in collaboration with small businesses and educational experts, the platform offers customizable learning pathways based on a business’s life cycle, structure, and industry. Minister for Small Business Julie Collins highlighted the government’s commitment to reducing the time spent by small businesses on taxes, emphasizing the practical assistance provided by such resources.

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Bruce Billson, noted the potential benefits of the resource, emphasizing the importance of business know-how and the wisdom of others in successfully managing and growing enterprises. Overall, the ATO’s initiative aims to empower small-business owners with knowledge and practical tools to streamline their tax and superannuation responsibilities.