The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has published Scaling Up Reusable Packaging, a new resource which outlines the importance of reuse and how businesses and users can benefit from reusable packaging models.

Globally, the sustainable packaging market is predicted to grow to a value of $USD 297 billion USD by 2024. If 20% of global single-use plastic packaging is replaced with reusable alternatives, it could present a substantial innovation opportunity worth at least $USD 10 billion, with significant benefits to users and businesses.

Following avoidance or reduction of packaging materials, the waste hierarchy places reuse as the next best pathway to achieve the highest potential environmental value for packaging.

This document provides a pathway that establishes key criteria which organisations can use to develop or transform their products into reusable packaging models. This includes the main questions to consider and answer.

To hear more about this new resource and the benefits of reusable packagingwe invite you to the Scaling Up Reusable Packaging webinar. 


Key information:

  • Date: Wednesday 23 February 2022
  • Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm AEDT
  • Location: Hosted online


This webinar will be discussing: 

  • What reusable packaging is and how businesses and users can benefit from reusable packaging models.
  • Opportunities to use reusable packaging.
  • Why it’s needed and how it will contribute to the 2025 Packaging Targets.
  • Reusable business models and how many businesses are benefiting from reusable packaging.
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