Anzac Day trading hours 2022

The National Retail Association recognises Anzac Day as an important national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that commemorates all who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served. Anzac Day trading hours

This is your definitive guide to understanding your allowable trading hours per state and territory in 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions about Anzac Day trading hours

Can I open on Anzac Day (Monday, 25 April)?

Whether you are allowed to open also depends on your state and territory regulations.

Whilst some states and territories are largely de-regulated, some regulate non-exempt shops based on business size, location and category. To find out whether you are exempt or non-exempt, read our Trading Hours page.

The below table outlines the allowable hours for non-exempt shops.

I’ve heard that there have been new exemptions – what does this mean?

Sometimes state and territory governments declare new exemptions under their relevant regulations to allow retailers to trade additional hours.

The National Retail Association will endeavour to keep retailers up to date on any new exemptions as they arise.


Do I have to open at the specified times? 

No. These hours are your allowable hours. This means you can choose to open whenever you like, as long as you are not operating outside of the allowable hours.

In fact, many retailers are choosing to remain closed on Anzac Day as a sign of respect, despite being allowed to open. This may be in line with their personal views or more appropriate for their type of store, location, staff or customer base.



Got a tricky question?

Contact the National Retail Association Policy team at 1800 RETAIL and we’ll be happy to assist. The National Retail Association is a leader in the area of trading hours reform and we continue to work with governments in numerous states to achieve an appropriate balance between the needs of shoppers, workers, small businesses, large retailers and shopping centres. See more of our work on trading hours here.