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The National Retail Expo is just over a week away – and our final release tickets are selling fast! Below are more examples of our panels and speakers, experts on issues that matter to our industry, to get you excited to discuss the future of retail at the inaugural NRXpo in Sydney.

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What is the current status of the supply chain, and where will it be in twelve months time? Does faster deliveries mean less sustainable deliveries? As we all adjust to this new normal, it’s obvious the impacts of the pandemic on the retail industry are here for a while. Our expert panel of leaders from the logistics, transport and technology space discuss the role of technology to deliver on a retailer’s customer promise profitably.

How can retailers fulfil customers expectations in-store and online when it comes to the final step of the shopping cart? And are you paying fees that you shouldn’t be with each transaction? Our panel of retail experts from Klarna, Commonwealth Bank and eftpos are sharing their expertise to help you get a better deal on your payments portals.

Organisational culture is critical to business success. With the current labour and skill shortages impacting Australian retailers, it is vital to offer a positive and welcoming environment for your staff. Hear from these HR leaders on how they create a workplace that values leadership, talent retention and more.

Social media – most of us have it. It’s a terrific tool for retailers. You can set up your internet presence simply by creating a Facebook account. Hear from these three industry experts and help refine your social media strategy to drive more sales to your store.