Women Stuffing Soft Wastes

The NSW Return and Earn program has reached a major recycling milestone with 8 billion bottles, cans and drink cartons returned since 2017.

Minister for Environment James Griffin said the initiative has fundamentally shifted people’s behaviour, turning what was once seen as waste into a now-valuable resource for the recycling industry, and delivering huge refunds to the community.

79% of NSW residents have participated in the scheme, returning 2 out of 3 containers supplied into NSW through the scheme.

The scheme has delivered $800 million in refunds to the people of NSW, including $35 million in donations to community groups and charities, and helped reduce drink container litter by 52 per cent.

The role for retail

  • Let your team and customers know that these containers are highly recyclable, and that they can collect a refund for returning them
  • Find your local collection point.
  • Check your range for the 10c refund mark and recycled content
  • Encourage other suppliers to examine their packaging for recyclability and recycled content